Wednesday, January 07, 2009

You will always have an excuse

Quite often most of my best ideas for work or just stuff in general usually come in a location where I do not have the ability to write them down such as in the shower, while running, or when I'm working out. I can never luck out and I have one these profound thoughts or ingenious ideas when I'm in a meeting or when I'm laying on the couch. But this one stuck with me today.

It happened when I was running this morning. I always hate the first five minutes. my timing and breathing are off, but once I hit the five minute mark everything kicks in and I can go until timer slows the treadmill down. During this morning run, I wasn't really thinking about anything except getting my breathing down. Then a little voice in my head started saying "aw, my back we have to run I really want to run today" ... whine after whine. Then another voice pop in my head and said "man, you will always have an excuse, keep running".

I don't know where that came from, but that little quote, got me thinking. What else do I have an excuse for? Work, career, social, relationships, money, education, etc... I really ponder upon this. And began to brake it down to things I have not done, finished, or accomplished even to the littlest thing like do laundry.

So why haven't I done laundry? Because I have clean clothes. Yet I have a hamper full of dirty laundry. Just because I have clean clothes does not mean I do not have to still do laundry. It was just an excuse.

When I got to the office I jotted down 25 things have not done and the reason I have not done them. Every single reason was an excuse, not anything physically stopping me from doing them except for the 4, which I have to do from home.

For now on I going to use this as a motivator, sure it needs to be tweeked and reframed a little, but it has had a positive impact on me. From my point of view: yeah, I will always have an excuse to not do something so why not do it.

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