Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Does the community care about you?

Yesterday, I went through all my emails that I have not read since Thanksgiving. You know the emails that you feel or think are junk or products, things that you will eventually get too. What I notice over this period of time, Thanksgiving through Inauguration was a complete disregard to personal space.

Seriously, if you were a salesman would you go to someone's house or call someone on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's Eve to sell your product? I don't think so, you don't have any product that would make that person forgive the interruption of their private time with family and friends. So why do it by email? Why do it by email if you a PUA, Social Artist, Guru, etc...? That seems pretty beta to me.

It is because it is about money. It's not about helping people. If you really wanted to help me "Not Be Alone During The Holidays", you would no be sending a silly email about your product; your ass would be in my apartment dragging me out and throwing me in sets.

How about a simple Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, or Happy New Year? I would have even taken a 'Have a Happy Holidays'.

Of course, I know that these folks have taken their skills and turn it into a profitable business, I can't fault them for that, since I have even bought their products. It's fine I accept that the community has become an industry.

It has become such an industry that only one person did not try to sell me a product on January 20, 2009, that was David Wygant who put an inspirational video the day before telling people to believe in themselves and not treat Obama as the Messiah (I'm not doing Wygant justice here, it was pretty good video). The inauguration of Barack Obama was the most viewed event known to man in history.

This event was so big that possibly every human within radio transmission, tv transmission, and/or with internet connection viewed, heard, and/or saw this event. Except for those tribes and people in remote locations and Robert Gates. I would call this a bad day to sell something on the internet.

I could rant on and on, but seriously what is going on here? Sites like the Bristol Lair and Fast Seduction 101 have a wealth of content, I continually go back their to find a new routine or find a solution to a sticking point along with going back to products that I already, chatting with my wings, and DC Puas.

Do I really need the Uncle of the guy that did not stay in at Project Hollywood, but was the roommate of the girl who knew Joe D in grade school who now dates the little nephew of homeless guy who used to be the voice of G.I. Joe selling me the "seduction methods and tricks"?

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Sinn said...

Haha That's a good point. Hopefully I didn't send out an email on a holiday, don't remember.

Good post.

Love the lifestyle counter too.