Saturday, December 13, 2008

Getting Back in the Field

Yesterday before heading back to DC, I decided to text everyone to see what they were planning on doing for the night. No one really had anything planned but everyone keep saying they were going to check out Shadow Room. So with that in mind I when I got back to DC, I had a quick dinner, jump in the shower, and headed out to there.

I arrived at 11pm which way too early for DC clubs. Anyway, the club had people in it, but sporadically spread out. And of course no one I knew was around. So I check my coat and headed to the back bar. The back bar is smaller which made it seem there were more people back there than the front bar. I really did not have a game plan, I notice everyone just pounding their drinks waiting for the club to get packed.

I ordered a diet coke and open my first set - two guys standing at the bar. Just a straight up - "Hey, I'm Sniper". To my surprise they just started talking, nothing too serious...when does this place pick up, what other clubs are hot tonight...etc... A three set of girls head towards the bar behind me, the first girls politely ask if she can get to the bar and with the movement of bodies everyone kind of pair off just chit chatting all fluff. This slowly morphed into me bounce from set to set meeting people and making new friends until Cowboy and JackRabbit arrived.

I was in this conversation with this cute Asian girl (BMalaysian) when they arrived. I made introductions and we continue to chat. The BMalaysian invites us to her table. She introduce us to her friends and everyone just started chatting and getting along. This continue through the night some drinks, a little dancing, and conversation. At closing time we walk BMalaysian and her friends to her car. I kiss and number close her. And the night ends.

Here's the interesting thing, there was about 45 seconds when I first arrived where I was like I'm out of here. Had I jetted I would not had a good time. I also learned that sometimes you just have to let things flow. I did not purposely bounce from set to set, it was more like turning and saying "Oh, Hi" and just going into conversation. For some reason, I felt this weird sensation that people were watching me, but I really was doing anything just talking.

Anyway, I am sure there is a lot more lessons in my outing last night. I'm just happy I step outside of my head and went with the flow.


Anonymous said...

I remember sarging alone about a month ago. Like you I got to the venue early and thought about leaving. Fortunately, I chatted up the bartender until I got into a talkative state. The rest of the night was not so bad. Good stuff on here. Glad I found your blog. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Nice post.
If I may share, I just recently has started to let go off thinking beforegand what to say and do. And to just say and do what comes to my mind (without much filter on).
And maybe I'm not always saying or doing the smartest thing, but the amount of respect that it gave for myself is big. I feel much more respect, honest and free towards myself.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I'm in the DC area too and shedding my AFC in layers - key us in on "target rich" DC spots 'ya come across!

Anonymous said...

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