Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tuesday Pratice

On Tuesday, I was thinking about how I really had not been out in the field lately. So I decided to hit happy hour. I really did have any thing planned. I wanted to have a sober view of where I was at. So I head towards to Dupont Circle not really sure where I was going.

I ended up at Lucky Bar. As my only goal was to open the first person or group, I saw. As soon as the door open, there was brunette standing at the bar.

SNIPER: Where's the bartender?
BRUNETTE: I don't know, she disappeared.
SNIPER: I'm heading to the back bar. Talk to you later.

That was fairly simple I thought then I noticed I was sweating. Then of course, a thousand other things ran through my mind, but I continued to the back bar and just open these two guys who were watching ESPN. Nothing really came out of it except for I was calm again. More folks began to filter in so I decided to head back to the front bar. I saw a two set (two brunettes) looking at a map.

SNIPER: Where you from?
BBrunette1: Orlando
SNIPER: Cool. Where you trying to get to?
BBrunette2: We're just mapping out where we are heading tomorrow?
SNIPER: Nice. Enjoying DC?
BBrunette1: Yeah...(blah, blah, blah)

I gave them some cool places to go we chatted for a good 30 minutes and I jetted.

Now, I was feeling good. I was going over my mistakes. I was leaning in too much. I was not really running any routines. I was thinking of what I need to adjust.

My friend, BobBase, called and told me to head down to Lima. There was a pre-Halloween party there. I met BobBase outside. We headed in and he introduce me to his friend, HBLidsey, who is a bartender there. We chatted with her for a while. A cute a liitle asian girl came up and order a drink.

SNIPER: Hey. Can you pass me a napkin?
BKim: Sure. Here you go.
SNIPER: Thanks. By way, I didn't see any rings on your fingers. (Launched into ringer finger routine - credit Style)

Then I number closed her.

BobBase and I went down stairs. It was kind of weird. It was like a eight grade high school dance - girls dancing and guys standing around. BobBase asked what I wanted to do. I said well at least we should meet some people.

I beelined into a 3-set and opened with my t-shirt opener then introduce BobBase. We chatted with girls for a while and did some dancing. I should had number closed, but I getting edgey about getting home and getting some rest.

Not a bad night. It went better than I thought. I made many mistakes, but I knew what they were. It was good getting that confidence feeling.

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