Thursday, November 01, 2007

Re-Naming The ONE

I had dinner with the ONE on Sunday. We drank a bottle of wine and talked about work. I did mini eliciting values routine to get her off work. It worked well and we were back to where we use to be. Just joking around and having fun. I walked her and we held hands while just rambling on. In front of her building, I pulled her close and kiss her good night.

As I was walking home, she texted me.
THE ONE: Great seeing you tonight. I had a blast. I'm back in town next weekend. Let's grab drinks.
SNIPER: Sounds good. Sleep well.

The kicker is I no longer want her or longed for her like I once did. Strange? It is interesting how when something you have wanted so long falls in line that desire is gone. Not that she is not a great woman, she is amazing; I just don't have that crazy I need this girl back feeling anymore.

So I'm re-naming the ONE to SHBLatina.

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