Thursday, November 01, 2007

Boy's Day Out

Saturday, my buddy DM, calls me up and says "Stop working, taking a shower, and meet me at Old Glory's". Ok, I responded. I needed a break anyway, I have been busting my hump for the past several weeks.

What started off with some food, football, and drinks ended up being an all nighter. We had a blast. We meet a ton of folks, mostly because we were loud and having a blast. It is amazing what alcohol can do to your social abilities at least for a time. At about midnight, we were just two drunk guys.

Sometimes, it just plain fun to go out and have stupid fun. Plus I had not been doing any pua stuff in awhile so it was interesting to see how much I had fallen back. Interesting enough, I still had a lot openers and stories in my head, but as the night wore on and the alcohol continue to flow the worst I got. No worries, I still had a blast.

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