Thursday, November 01, 2007


With all post coming out of the community about Halloween so I was hyped to go out. I meet MB, BobBase, and BarMan at Mie-N-Yue. We hung out a bit and then headed to Bistro Francoise to get a sit and people watch. We had a blast, people had so cool costumes. We bounce to Blue Gin, SHBHotAssBartender was working so she was pouring shots.

Blue Gin was actually packed. It's been dead lately.

Anyway, I open a two-set (HBCowgirl & HBNurse), with Mehow's social opener, which I always wanted to try, but never believed it would work, but it does.

HBCowgirl: Hey !
SNIPER: You guys look like fun. I had to come over and introduce myself. I'm Sniper.
HBNurse: We are fun! (and introduce the both of them)
SNIPER: Cool. Let's play a game.
HBCowgirl: What game?
SNIPER: Marry, Kill, Shag
HBNurse: Oh, my god. They play that on the radio.
SNIPER: Cool. You know how to play then. Let's take a spin around the club and play. (I gave them my arms and they took them)

We had a blast it took a long time to play because the place was packed. We eventually ended up at the upstairs bar. I introduce them to Barman and BobBase. Now everyone is bantering and joking around.

I went to the restroom and returned to find them gone. Cool, I thought. I headed back downstairs and started talking to SHBHotAssBartender. I felt a poke in my back and it was a toy musket gun.

SNIPER: (Smiling) Can I help you?
HBPirate: (Smiling and dancing)
SNIPER: Where's your crew?
HBPirate: (Points to her friends)
SNIPER: Introduce me to them.
HBPirate brings me over to a five set, but they are to busy doing shots. So I take her by the hand and we head to the dance floor and started to dance and one of her girlfriend comes and grabs and HBPirate waves good-bye to me with a smile.

So I head back to the bar, HBCowgirl, BarMan, and BobBase are doing shots. We start talking and HBPirate comes over and grabs me and we head back out to the dance floor where we sent most of the night. We had a brief make-out, before the lights went on. I number closed.

Last night was fun. I was in the mood. HBPirate surprised me. I really didn't know how to change the situation. Anyway, I used an opener that I thought would not work and it worked so I'm excited to try it again.

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