Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mystery's VH1 Show

If you have not heard Mystery has a VH1 Show called The Pick-Up Artist. There has been a lot of buzz in the seduction. Some think it is bad, some think it's good, some are worried.

What I did not expect was this from Gawker: Former Dungeon Master Reflects on How to Pick-Up Women. They beat up Mystery a little bit, today's : Mystery Loves Company Making Dorks into Dicks actually says some nice things about the show.

Also, I was listening to the radio, I forget what station where they ripped Mystery apart without even yet viewing the show.

I do not think you can beat this kind of publicity, it actually pushing people to watch it.

I did catch the show. I thought it was great. There is some parts I don't like but for the most part it was very good. I was surprised. From a viewer standpoint, I think it was a good reality show, from guy who is just trying to figure this out, I think it great to see the contestants and the teachers in the field. It really opened my eyes to some of my behaviors.


Anonymous said...

Any publicity is publicity none the less. I actually missed the show (do you know where I could see it?). Im a little skeptical about the show because the fact that its main stream but I think the community will evolve so it wont matter too much. Mystery is a genius & if anyone deserves such a show its him, he has created soo many different concepts like cat string theory, peacock theory Etc.

Talking about peacocking, how did mystery look on the show? I have also heard rumors that he helped write the book the art of peacocking but I cant find confirmation of this. Heres the site www.theartofpeacocking.com

Mystery must be loving the attention the show as been getting coz his sales must be going through the roof.

Sniper said...

The promos showed Mystery peacocking but for the most part he is pretty tone down.