Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back in DC

Whew, finally back. I have been busting my butt. I got some new clients and things just went into crazy work mode. I hit my $10,000 goal, AWESOME!

During my cross country travels, I did have four mini relationships. I wish I could say that I ran a perfect sarge or game, but that is not the case. I was so busy working that the only thing I was doing pua wise was listening to podcasts and audiobooks just to keep my frame of reference. Each was a daytime approach, not really an approach, more situational like standing in line at Starbucks or at the Bank. They all started with a Hi or Good morning or something completely lame, but was not until I was in mid-conversation that I realize 'Wow, this woman is gorgeous' and then I threw in a dhv and number closed.

I remember from The Game or something Style wrote that all he was trying to do was figure out a way to get into a conversation and keep it going. I think that is almost a fact for most guys. I think at times I am too hard on myself and am too outcome dependent. I think I did well doing these conversations because while my mind was not on seduction when I saw an opening I took opportunity to some of the things I learned.

Anyway, can it be any HOTTER in DC ????

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