Tuesday, July 17, 2007

SP: Being Opened

I had a pretty good Friday night. My Saturday night started off well also. Jackrabitt and I were at Chloe. He was back to just opening every girl he saw. I wasn't too bad either, I had opened four 2 sets and number closed one. I had danced a couple of times.

Jackrabitt and I were talking to Dominican who was bartending and this where I went into a downward spiral. It was like a cruel joke.

SHBLatina: Hi
Sniper: (stares)

Jackrabbit chases her.

10 minutes later.

HBRedhoddie: Hey. Blah, blah, ....
Sniper: (stares)

15 minutes later

SHBDrunk takes me by the hand to the dance floor. We dance for three songs.
Sniper: Thanks for the dance.

Jackrabbitt ask what's wrong. I have no clue. I am completely blank well more like I have some stuff racing through my mind that I can't make a decision.

This is a crazy sticking point. I finally get over approach anxiety now I have the reverse of it. WTF???


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