Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I finally found sometime to write this week. Friday night, I hit Zaytinya with Jackrabbit for happy hour. I arrived early, ordered a drink, and opened the two-set next to me. Nothing came of it, just you’re usual DC banter. Jackrabbit arrived and I politely ejected. Jackrabbit was in a drinking mood and I was in a talking mood so after about 15 minutes, I was lets bounce to Lotus.

It was a great choice, a little too pack. Jackrabbit hit the bar and I opened a three set that was seated in front of me. For some reason, I was just opening with totally lame stuff like ‘Hey, How you guys doing?’, but was sticking so I really can’t complain. This set went really well, these girls fun a lots of flirty banter. There was a few mistakes I made, like not attempting to isolate any one of them. After about 30 minutes, swings by and wants to jet. It was the perfect opportunity to at least number (hind thought), just ejected politely.

We headed to Citron. Barman is working so we head to his station and greet him. Now, Jackrabbit is the approaching mood well grabbing mood. It’s not working. I talk to Barman for a bit and started talking to a couple next to me. A two-set get in between Jackrabbit and I. I turn my head and smile. The girl (HBShortpants) smiles back.

Sniper: That’s all you got.
HBShortpants: It works all the time. (smiling)
Sniper: (backturn)
HBShortpants: So what’s your name?
Sniper: I do not like to give out personal information to strangers.
HBShortpants: (smiles) Oh, really.
Sniper: Hell, yeah. You might be a stalker.
HBShortpants: Hahahaha

Some walks up and tries to dance with her. She grabs me. I pull in to me.

Sniper: I’m not your bodyguard.
HBShortpants: I have nothing to protect.
Sniper: (smiles…because I went completely blank and started thinking too much)

When go into fluff talk and dance a little bit. We manage to steal the seat in the corner. I run the ring finger routine on her. Jackrabbit and her friend find us. I number closed her. We banter for a while. Jackrabbit is ready to leave. I hug her and we had a little kiss. Jackrabbit and I bounce.

We head to Andalu. At Andalu’s, I completely sucked. I went back to default mode using my t-shirt opener and best friend test. Looking back, I was completely out of sync and too low key, plus it was 1:30. I should have been at higher vibe. Oh, well lesson learned.

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