Thursday, July 12, 2007

Slow but Fun Week

It has been kind of strange for me lately. I spent most of 4th of July partying with no real approaches. I take that back no structured approaches. Mostly opening people at parties or at clubs with I guess situational openers and general banter. I did end up with six numbers, interesting enough.

This week I have been on the road a lot so I have been catching up with the variuos podcasts out there.

I found that this week, I have been talking a lot to various women. I'm not sure if I am just approaching as if it is something I should doing or if it's like some autopilot mode I'm in. But I'm liking it, there's no thinking to random bantering, I have thrown in the ring finger four times and then number closed four times.

Anyway, there's a lot chatter in DC Lair about the following article,
Man Arrested After Telling Women They Were 'Extremely Beautiful' and this craiglist post below:

Reply to:
Date: 2007-07-11, 11:34AM EDT

To the pick up artist I punched at the water front 2 weeks ago..
Pulling the "CUBE" on my girl.. are you kidding me. You don't think
she'd tell me. You don't think I'd know whats up... I'm glad I socked
you in the face and AMOG' your world kid. You're lucky the
bouncers are quick on their feet.

Pick up artist's beware .. we're onto your techniques .. A friend of
my GF told me about the book The Game, I did the research and the next
time I smell you pulling lines on my girl my boys and I will go
apeshit on you and beat the "AFC" back into you.



Infinity said...

Here's an idea... don't run around running "The Cube" or other lines directly out of "The Game" and you won't have any problems.


Anonymous said...

Here's another idea... get the names and phone numbers of witnesses and call the cops. It's called assault and battery and carries up to 2 years in jail in most states. Then pursue a civil case and you can own the guys trailer or crack den as it seems to be in this case.

Anonymous said...

yes what an idiot, so some guy hits on ur girl, you should be pleased its a compliment. Sound like ur the afc, with insecurites over ur girl.