Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not Using What You Know Works

Friday night a friend of mine was bar tending at Saki. Jackrabbitt and Cowboy met me there. The place was filled but not pack. We open set after set. Nothing really stuck. The reason why is because while we were confident and funny, we had no structure. All the sets went flat. Looking back at it, it seemed like we were out of sync with the sets we were opening.

For my part, I did not use any material, canned or original. Just straight up, 'hi'. No stories or dhvs, just fluff. I was being lazy, I guess. While we did have fun, we misses a lot of opportunities.

What I did notice was all three of us were not standing around getting drunk, we were all talking to different people without being pushed into a set. Jackrabbit made a good rule, it is like the three second rule, but even simpler, "If you look at her, go talk to her". It's kind of weird what frames you can put on your mind that actually work while knowing what you should be doing actually puts you in a frame to not do anything.

All together not a bad night for approaching, but as for results horrible. It is easy to say I was being lazy, but I think that since I had some success without using the material that it was some kind of an internal cockiness. The reality is that the material that I have learn works and there is no reason to shy away from it, I just need to internalize it a bit more.

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