Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Free Implants

I stumble across this tonight: My Free Implants. First of all, what a great idea. I really can't be mad at someone who gets someone else to pay for something they want. I really can't, I think it's genius.


What kills me is that the site directly geared towards guys to pay for some girl they don't know boob job. And by the way, you should not pay for someone you do know boob job unless it's one of your buddies and he is going to pull a Brian Zembic.

Great idea for girls, bad idea for guys to pay for it.


Lolita said...

As a member of MFI (although admittedly a girl), I have to say it's actually a great system. The idea isn't just that guys give you money to get your boobs done, but that they get to know you through the site. A lot of the girls put a lot of effort into it, and some girls sell personal items and such to get the money together. Some of the girls have been on there for over a year, talking to the same guys and working towards their goals over time by getting to know the guys. And some guys like helping girls out. Besides, think about it... a world where more women have great breasts? It benifits all men everywhere! That's my 2 cents worth, anyhow.

Anonymous said...

I have three major objections to this MFI site:

1) priorities. Raising money for something this superficial, rather than sending that money to starving people, or those suffering horrible repression like whats happening in Burma right now.. proof that the bad things people say about Americans is true.

2) dodgy site. theres a lot of questioning about the finances of the site, money disappearing, etc. no oversight.

3) the underlying assumptions (this is the that bothers me the most).

GlamourPuss said ..a world where more women have great breasts? It benifits all men everywhere!

two problem w/this:
a. implants are UGLY! they do not look/feel like a real part of a human body And (except in cases of cancer patients), the result is a person that is no longer entirely within the realm of human. and not in a good way. Implants do not create "women w/great breasts". women who get them were far more attractive before than after. Nearly every man and most women I've known feel the same. "bigger is better" is a myth, promoted by people who want to make money off of others' insecurites and get-rich-quick scheming.

b. a person who is so unable to deal with themselves and the world that they really believe invasive surgery is going to be an answer to their issues is going to be deeply disappointed. this is why the trend is to keep getting bigger and bigger ones. some of these deluded people are so fixated that they still believe big tits are going to change their relationship with the world, even after this scheme has already failed once.

..and unscrupulous doctors are taking these people's money even though with their medical training they almost certainly know that these people would -in almost 100% of cases- be happier in the long run if that money was invested in some good counseling.

Anonymous said...

Dude, if you are so worried about the people of Burma put down your cheeseburger and move there! There are starving people here in the US! Who gives a fuck what the people in the rest of the world thinks about us! Stick to things your truly know something about! Get back in your time machine, and go back to the 1800's! Are you a liberal or a Muslim? I didn't like your opinion, I bet you don't like mine!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE MFI! I am a proud member, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the guys I've met on the site. I don't do porno, but sure I have a few pictures that I wouldn't give my grandma, big deal? I want implants.. and I can't afford them, so what's the problem with a college student looking for a donation?

Anonymous said...

i found another similar site, which i think is much better and more personal

Anonymous said...

its here:

Anonymous said...

It's quite possibly a pyramid scheme.

Look at the numbers. You have hundreds, if not thousands of women, most of which have received some contribution even if it's small.

So, the women are slowly gaining "credits".

Who's holding the "credits". My guess is that the owners are spending them.

As the women gains more credits, more and more of them reach their goals and the procedures are paid for by future contributions (because the past contributions have been spent).

Already there are signs as the owners delay paying for the procedures.

Eventually, women reaching their goals overwelm new cash, and the site can't pay.

Crash. Classic pyramid scheme, where the early winners get paid, late entries lose.

Anonymous said...

As a natural e-cup owner I must just wonder what the huss is about, but I have always been well-sized, so I do not know how it feels if you have a-cup. I have bad neck pains and the twins are always on my way whatever I do. Yes you can get nice pics of yourself and wear v-necks and men like them but that is about it.
I would rather go down to C if I had a chance, I cant even find good bra except if I pay a lot. And I know a person who made hers smaller with operation because of the neck pains and because men were mostly with her because of her boobs and they never looked her in the eye but on the boobs..
Of course I rather think putting your pics on site, getting to know the men and ask money for the boob job is the ladies own choice. But remember if you have a bad self image it wont get much better after boob job, because the original problem is still there.If you are ok with the rest of yourself and think it as good extra it is ok.

Those sexy pics will be there for as long as internet excists. So your now 10 year old son may find those pics when he is 20. Even if your pictures were deleted from the site, how many of those men save them on their own hard drive?And there are a lot of identity thiefs, who use women pics(rather for realistic of real women not models)to make frauds.

If you want to do boob job, remember to take care of your back muscles, you need support for your new breasts, and pay for good bras. In the end it is your own choice anyway, it is your own life. I do not judge anyone, just wonder..

Anonymous said...

ive been on the site for over 3 years and to be honest its just an amateur porn site, girls "sell" pictures,videoa and web cams sessions for donations, they range from lingerie to well anything you can imagine, and yes the funds do tend to dissapear and if a girl doesnt reach her goal you do not get your money back, yes its a grat idea but only for the people running it. they prey on the insecurities of the girls and horniness of the guys, thats all I have to say about it.