Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Classic

Yesterday, I left a meeting in Dupont. I was walking back to my car not thinking of anything in a particular. Ahead of me was a gorgeous blond and I stop her.

Sniper: Hello. I'm sniper.
SHBBlond: Hi.
Sniper: I'm having drinks with some friends tonight at Gazuza. You should come join us. Here's my card, give me a call if you would like to join us.
SHBBlond: Thank you.

I walked away and she continued on her path. I smiled to myself and then I felt heat on my forehead and felt the sweat bead begin to form and the shear chill going from the top of my head all the way down my back. It's that feeling that you get when you have been studying for a test and you are so sure you aced it and then you realize that you did everything wrong. At that point, I broke out into laughter.

I basically did what every girl I have known has told me to do - Just introduce yourself and ask her out.

I do have to say I did not miss a beat, it was something that you would see in a movie. Picture perfect, no approach anxiety, no voice in my head, no quivering voice, perfect body language, perfect tone of voice, and complete AFC BS coming out of my mouth. I was on autopilot, just the wrong stuff came out of my mouth.

And we all know the answer to the $25,000 question: Did she call?

Of course not.


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