Thursday, May 24, 2007

First Flake = 2 Dates

So the reason I am writing so much tonight is because a girl I met last weekend HBPolitico flaked on me tonight. I might be over analyzing.

HBPolitico: Hey Sniper.
Sniper: What's up?
HBPolitico: I can make it tonight.
Sniper: I'm sorry to hear that. You know... (trying to go on the breaking date speech)
HBPolitico: (interrupting) I could make it out later around 10 or so. Is that to late?
Sniper: Yes. You know... (trying to go on the breaking date speech)
HBPolitico: How about I make it up to you on Sunday?
Sniper: Um, It's Memorial Day weekend. I'll have to check.
HBPolitico: How about I call you tomorrow and we make plans?
Sniper: Ok.
HBPolitico: Ok, talk to you tomorrow. Bye.
Sniper: Bye.

Ok, she tried to make plans for later and she offered another date. But she stilled flaked.

A few minutes later... BUruguay called. I sarged her in the elevator last summer, we've kept in contact, nothing too serious, just a couple of makeouts. I ran into on Monday and teased her for only calling when she wants to makeout.

BUruguay: Hey Sniper.
Sniper: Hey There.
BUruguay: What are you doing Sunday?
Sniper: Um, It's Memorial Day weekend.
BUruguay: Yeah, I know. Some friends of mine are having a party. I wanted to know if you wanted to come.
Sniper: Sure.
BUruguay: Great. I'll call you around 1 on Sunday. Cool?
Sniper: Sure.
BUruguay: Talk to you on Sunday. Bye.
Sniper: Bye.

I will now pay homage to the PUA gods.


Anonymous said...

Hey dude,

I suggest taking some grammar and writing lessons at your local community college. Your writing skills are atrocious and your grammar looks like a 3rd grader wrote your blog. If your PUA skills are anything like your grammar then you're never gonna get laid.

Peace out,
Bruce Wayne

Anonymous said...


You never got to get that don't break dates with me speech in there and showed her you were willing to supplicate for her bullshit.

Remember you are supposed to be the prize. If she really saw you that way she wouldn't be breaking off dates with you. I think you just failed a major shit test.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

I wouldn't have taken it so seriously. She did give you a couple of alternate times. That means she's still interested and I'm pretty sure she would've made it to the other ones.

Remember, girls are by nature flaky creatures. It's one of their many interesting facets.

I think many women view new men they've met as cardboard cutouts, two-dimensional characters they could easily ignore or toss aside.

By keeping the communication going, and getting into her life and circle in multiple ways you put real flesh on that cutout and get in her head.

~ Captain Jack ~