Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

I had an overall great weekend. I have found a new wingman, I had two Day2s, and had general great time.

My new wingman - Blaise. I got an email last week from MASF regarding a wingman request. I have gotten these before and they have turned out to be guys who are really not into the social arts. Blaise is a cool guy, he reminds of Common, same time type of dress and style. His social background is kind of like mind, just feed up with being knowing there is a better way of dating than just being a nice guy. We worked on body language and openers. It was great experience for me to watch someone I knew work, while we primarily focused on him this weekend, I learn a lot about my behavior and sticking points. So this was not a bad find.

Day2 - BUruguay
This turned into a shopping date which was cool, because she help me pick out some cool jeans and shirts. We had this flirty push-pull banter going on the whole time. We never got into 'comfort' or in a serious mode. It started right off the back joking with each. There was tons of kino, kisses, and hugs. We ended with an makeout session at her place, but nothing more. I sure I drop the ball somewhere. I know that I waited way too late to push up the escalation ladder, I think this is the reason for just the makeout session.

Day2 - HBPolitico
This was a dinner date. It started off with some good kino, a big hug and a peck on the lips. During dinner, great conversation, mostly politics which was good because we were sharing each other experiences and exchange advice; it was bad in the sense that it created too much camaraderie and I really wasn't running on any type of routine or creating hoops. What else that was interesting was that I did not get the - So do you have a girlfriend? After dinner, we were walking back to the metro (I metro there, she lived nearby) holding hands and stop in front of a gallery and were talking about the art we saw; this was pretty much the only awkward moment; I definitely missed something there, what? I don't know. When we got to the metro, we sat on a bench, because my wait was about 15 minutes, I ran the cube on her then kiss closed her.

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