Friday, June 01, 2007

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Ever have one of those days where you are working your butt off and yet not matter how stressful the situation gets, you are still bored. This is what happen to me on. Wednesday. So at 5, I called it quits and emailed and called a bunch of people to meet me down the waterfront.

Jackrabbit, Barman, HBSharon, SHBSwimmer, and Cowboy showed up. We had our table just relaxing having a beer just taking a moment to enjoy the new weather.

This very cute brunette (HBFlattire) comes up and says hi, I'm sorry to bother you guys but I got a flat tire up the street. Can one of you guys help me?

Sniper: Nope.
SHBSwimmer: Don't be an a**.
Jackrabbit: I'll help.

So Jackrabbit jumps and goes with her. And everybody else gives me crap.

So about 45 minutes go by and we all are joking around that maybe he got luck. Another 45 minutes pass and now they are really busting my balls. Finally, Jackrabbit makes it back and he's all sweaty and has a limp.

Sniper: Get laid.
Jackrabbit: Nope.
Sniper: Get her number.
Jackrabbit: Nope. Check this out, this b***h was park up on N St. So I go up there, do all the work and she's yapping to some guy on the phone the whole time. She see takes off with so much of thanks.
Sniper: That sucks. Why are you limping.
Jackrabbit: Banged up my foot tiring to get the tire off.

Jackrabbit calls me yesterday and tells me that he can't walk. So I go see him and I'm dying laughing. Apparently he bruised his heel, so he doing walk hop. It's the funniest I have ever seen. The doctor said he will be ok in a couple of days.


Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. It's a good thing you didn't help.

Anonymous said...

Being AFC can and will slowly kill you.