Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Disappearing Jackrabbit

Jackrabbit and I ended up at K St on Sunday night. We got there around 10:30. From the hassle at the door we thought it would be packed. It had a lot of people but it was not having people wait in line a lot of people. What I found most interesting was that there were more women than men and it stayed that way until we left (well, until I left).

Jackrabbit and I went straight to the middle of the bar. It was fairly easy to do. It was kind of strange because a large portion of the guys were in the VIP section and the majority of the women were in the main area. K St has very simple layout, it's a rectangle, long bar against one wall and a VIP section against the other, and middle just open where could stand or dance. By far this was probably of the easiest places to approach because everyone next to us were women. Many of our sets lasted about 5 minutes, because I just could take how some of these girls were talking. I was actually being picky.

Jackrabbit and I both spotted HBPochantas and made a line towards her. She had three friends with her so I freaking beta myself and approached them because Jackrabbit insisted eventhough I advice against it.

Sniper: Heys, real quick, (text message break-up opener)
Girls: Get out. That just happened to our friend.
Sniper: How did she take it? blah, blah, blah
Girls: blah, blah, blah

I actually held my own. My biggest problem was that I got stuck in trying to figure out which one to isolate. I basically negged and teased all 3 of them, having a great time. I finally looked over to introduce Jackrabbit, but he was gone, but HBPochanatas was still around.

I excused myself and went searching for him - Nada. Called him - Nada. Texted him - Nada. It crazy Jackrabbit has disappeared, still have not heard from him. Hopefully, he will pop up before Friday.

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