Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I just finish going through my email from when I was on the road. I am done. For now, on I am only subscribed to:

Carlos Xuma’s Podcast
The Seduction King Podcast
Mystery Method

This seem to be the emails, newsletters, and podcasts that I actually read, and give some important information.

I realized that everyone in the seduction community is producing so much stuff that you just can’t stay focus, not only that everyone is trying to sell their products. I support folks trying to make money but come on, do you have to try sell me your product everyday and on top of that do you have to make your topics so depressing: ‘Sick of Being Alone’, ‘Why aren’t you successful with women’, etc …

I hope that I will now get five emails a day versus ungodly amount I was getting before.

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