Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Luck Three Set

Saturday, I hit Citron. Barman was bartending and MB was actually hanging out. I walked in and greeted the bouncer, owner, and coat check girl. Then walked right smack into the wall of people, which is kind of weird because to five steps pass them the bar was relative open. I saw MB, we said hello. Next to MB was this girl. I looked her, she looked at me. In the back of my mind, I heard GO. I step towards her and realize she was with friends, but I opened anyway.

Sniper: Hi, I'm Sniper.
HBCristina: I'm Cristina.
Sniper: Where are you guys from?
HBCristina: We are from Texas. (Introduces me to her friends and continues) We went to High School together, but different colleges. I moved here ... (Fluff talk)

I introduce MB. We all basically fluff talked for about 45 minutes. The best part was guys kept by these girls drinks and they kept talking and dancing around. I Style number closed HBCristina and bounce with MB to Blue Gin.

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