Thursday, February 15, 2007

Switching Gears

Over the past two weeks, I have been pretty busy with work and have not had any real chance to go out except for dinner and maybe a drink. I have been on the road for the past two weekends which as cut into my time to do meet people.

Fortunately, with the help of Jackrabbit who has been pushing me to go out to happy hour when I'm town I think I have found a new environment in which to practice, increase my social circles, and have fun. While this is great, it still does not excuse me from not practicing all the time, no matter where I am at. I think I still have some type of mental block on this or that I'm more comfortable at a club than at a Starbuck's or at an airport which when you truely take a look around the workday or the end of the workday seems to have more quality and quantity of women.

Anyway, on Monday while stretching at the gym I looked over next to me and said Hi to the girl next to me. She responded with Hi and then we basically went into fluff talk. Nothing special, I made another gym friend and I made first ever 6:00am approach.

Later that afternoon, Jackrabbit texted me to go to happy hour at Old Glory's. We had down and hit the bar. The two girls sitting next to us where doing shots.

Sniper: Jeez, it's 6 on a Monday and you are already doing shots. I don't want your job.
HBs: (laugh) Yeah, we had a bad day.

I introduced Jackrabbitt. They introduced themselve, HBAllie and HBSoni. They do marketing for the Hilton. We chatted pretty much about nothing, but we all had this playful banter going on. We splits some appertizers. I number HBSoni and Jackrabitt number close HBAllie.

So, not bad for a Monday.

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AliG said...

Nice stories. You know I am exactly to opposite from you in the way that I do much better at so called "day gaming". But I am really having trouble at club sarging because I feel all uptight and even somewhat nervous in that environment. Wanna change for a day?