Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Lazy Monday

I landed back in DC on Sunday so my weekend was kind of a bust at least for socializing.

Yesterday, instead of coming back home after the gym, I decided to work at Starbucks. It has been a long time since I done that I need to do that everyday. It much better than just working from home or at the office. I made no approaches there, but did involved in a few conversations, nothing too special.

I had lunch at Benihana’s. Most people don’t like that place but I love it, especially their sushi bar which is kinda weird because the sushi chefs are all from Latin America. Not much going on there so I just ate my lunch and made a couple of phone calls.

Anyway, Jackrabbit has been hitting happy hours a lot getting ready for summer, I guess. He drop me a line, wanting to hit the Science Club. I passed by his office around 5:30 and we roll over there. Not much going on upstairs, but there were some empty seats at the bar so we had a drink there. Eventually, more people head in and start to get a little crowded. Jackrabbit and I were chatting about work and random other stuff. There was mixed-set behind us (1 guy/ 3 girls). One of the girls leaned over to order some drinks and open her with “Hey, what’s your name?”. She responded with BElena and I launched right into the ring finger routine (credit Style). She got into it and introduced her friends and I introduced Jackrabbit. We fluffed for a while and one of her friends, HBLansing mentioned Battlestar Galactic and busted on her for being a sci-fi geek since I am one also. Anyway, HBLansing and I get in this huge discussion about it the 70s, 80s, and current version to which we lost everyone. Jackrabbit and I both got BElena and HBLansing numbers.

So not too bad for Monday.


Anonymous said...

Nice... I've been reading your blog for awhile, and you are an inspiration. You've come a long way since you started this blog.

Question, how old are most of the girls you approach? Most of the PUA's seem to be about 20 -25 and approach women two of three years younger. You are slightly older than the average PUA and I assume you approach slightly older PUA's. Is this so? If it is, what differences have you noticed?

Also, I like your lifestyle goals section. Where'd you get that idea?

Anonymous said...

the above should read 'slightly older women'...

It is late here...