Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Martini Tuesday

I spent most of my yesterday going through my usual routine – gym and work. Kittycat gave me a call around 5:30; she and Jackrabbit were having martinis at the Beacon. I headed down there at about 6:30 and they were still there. We chatted for a while, busting on each other.

Kittycat was taking about a case she had and this mix-set interrupted her and they all started talking about law school, law firms, blah, blah, blah…HBBlue asked if I was lawyer too. I responded with, “No, that’s why I have Kittycat around to get me out of trouble”. She giggled. We fluff talked a bit. HBBlue goes into interview mode. I deflect her question making her ask three times before giving her a real answer. She giggling and enjoying herself. I should have taken her questions as IOIs, but it was until she said, “you have a nice smile” that when the wheels started turning.

HBBlue: “You know I like preppy guys” (Was this an IOD?)
Sniper: (Kept looking in her eyes…I had no response)
HBBlue: “ We went to Spank last weekend, it was too pack”.
Sniper: “Modern is pretty cool on Friday nights and Five usually have good DJs on Saturdays”.
HBBlue: “Are you guys there a lot?”
Sniper: “Most weekends”

We get interrupted. Her friends are about to leave. She comes back and gives me her card and says drop her a line when we head out this weekend. I take her card, write number on the back of it, rip it in half and hand the other half to her with a pen and she writes her number on it and we exchange. (modified Style number close)

Anyway, I have no idea what I was thinking. I missed a lot of cues early in the conversation.


venus & mars said... sound rather like a smooth operator, albeit one that misses vital clues!

AliG said...

Help, no more updates?