Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A wholesome Encounter (A Failure to Escalate or Game)

I got back to DC late this Friday around 11pm or so. I ate real quick, showered, and headed to Blue Gin. It sucked. Jackrabbit texted me saying he was down at Mate. So I head down there.

What a pleasant surprise? Lot’s of targets and bartendresses are smoking. The crowd has definitely changed since summer.

I had know idea what to do first. It was like going to a buffet when you have not eaten in two days, you just want everything. So just headed to the bar and open the first girl, I saw.

Sniper: Hey, How’s it going?
Girl: (Girl looks at Sniper and walks away)


I order a diet coke with a big smile on my face.

HBIndra: Why do you have a such a big smile on your face?
Sniper: I have you ever realized that something is going to be a big challenge and you just accept it. It’s like a big burden has been lifted off your shoulders because you just accept the situation and work through challenge until you succeed.
HBIndra: Oh, no. I like things easy and simple.
Sniper: Get out of here.
HBIndra: No really, blah, blah, blah something about school…

For someone reason, we just keep talking to each other about a little bit of everything. Before I knew it was 2. I had know I idea what had happened, I was enjoying myself, no routines or gimmicks; lots of kino though. I number closed her. I doubt that anything will come out of it, because I failed to escalate.

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