Tuesday, January 30, 2007

FR: HBLisa

Most of the time I stay away from Café Citron, but I got three friends bartending there now - Barman, Dominican, and Salvador. Barman bugged me to come down. So I texted KittyCat and Jackrabbit to meet me down there. I get there and of course there’s a crazy line. I walked to the rope and Dominican was out smoking a cigarette so he introduced me to the bouncer and they let me in. This place was packed tight mostly with guys looking at girls dancing in the booths. I managed to squeezed my way to the center of the bar where Barman was; We chatted a bit.

So sticking to my mantra while getting squeezed to death. I opened this mix set (guy/girl) next to me.

Sniper: How long have ya’ll been here?
Guy: (Nothing)
Girl: (Bends around the guy) Me and my friends have been here for about an hour.
Sniper: Has it been this packed since then?
Girl: Yep.
Guy to Girl: Wanna shot?
Girl: Um, sure.
Girl to Sniper: Where you from?
Sniper: Jersey.
Girl: Get out of here. I went to Rutgers.
Sniper: I know it very well. I have spent many drunk nights at the Scarlet Knight.
Guy gives girl a shot and guy leaves.
Girl: So what’s your name?
Sniper: Sniper.
Girl: I’m BLily.
Sniper: Nice to meet ya.
BLily: Nice to meet ya, too.

We ended up mostly talking about the Jersey shore. KittyCat and Jackrabbit showed up so I number close BLily and head to Mie-n-Yu.

Surprisingly, the downstairs bar at Mie-n-Yu was not packed but it was filled with guys. KittyCat was happy. Jackrabbit and I went upstairs and ran into friends. Nothing was really going and all of the sudden the upstairs bar was packed mostly mixed sets. Jackrabbit and I were chatting about his trip to Europe and I saw a very nice looking Asian girl. We made eye contact, I smiled, she smiled, and I left Jackrabbit in mid-sentence.

Sniper: Hi, I’m Sniper.
HBLisa: Hi, I’m Lisa.
Sniper: How come I have never seen you here before?
HBLisa: Because I have never been here before.
Sniper: Here. (Holding out my arm) I’ll give you a tour.
HBLisa: (Grabs my arm)

I take her down to the basement where the bathrooms are, then to where the cage is, introduce her to the bouncers, and the whole time we are doing the usual where you from, what do you do, blah, blah, blah … usual nice conversation stuff. We head back upstairs and I introduce her to Jackrabbit and number closed her with watching football at Old Glory’s.

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