Monday, January 22, 2007

I lost your keys; Day 2 HBLisa

Jackrabitt, HBLisa, SHBHotassbartender, KittyCat, Barman, and I get stinking drunk watching the games at Old Glory’s. Jackrabitt ends up hooking with some random girl.

Jackrabbit: What’s the deal? Are you going home with HBLisa?
Sniper: I don’t think I can walk.
Jackrabbit: Can I have your keys?
Sniper: Sure. Just change the sheets.

Barman invites us all back to his place and Jackrabbit jets with his girl.

On the way to Barman’s place, I get a phone call.

Jackrabbit: Dude, I lost your keys.
Sniper: We just left 10 minutes ago.
Jackrabbit: I know.

So we make the cab turn around which it’s costing us $15 since it’s snow and not $8 to go get Jackrabbit and his girl (I have absolutely no idea what her name is or what she looks like).

We then head to Barman’s place for more drinks.

Eventually, HBLisa and I makeout and pass out on the couch. That’s all I remember.

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