Saturday, January 20, 2007

Geting Back into the Flow

Starting off my night with my mantra of “I’m not going to be a loser”. I walked into Agua Ardiente and open the first people (4 set guys) I saw at the bar. Nothing spectacular just a simple. Hey, How’s it going? Which led to a bunch of fluff talk mostly football. With that out of the way, I was feeling better, no butterflies and I turned opened two girls standing next to me.

Sniper: Hey, How’s it going?
TwoSet (BHeidi/BMelissa): blah, blah, blah … It’s kinda boring in here.
Sniper: Check out, Cloud. It’s packed tonight.
TwoSet (BHeidi/BMelissa):: Naw, too many people. Are there any more lounges around?
Sniper: Check out 18th Street Lounge on M St and 18th
TwoSet (BHeidi/BMelissa): Cool. Are you heading there?
Sniper: Not tonight. On Wednesday.
TwoSet (BHeidi/BMelissa): We are gonna check it out tonight if it’s fun, we’ll stop by on Wednesday.
Sniper: Cool.
TwoSet (BHeidi/BMelissa): What’s your name?
Sniper: Sniper.
BHeidi: I’m Bheidi and this BMelissa.
Sniper: Nice to meet ya.
TwoSet (BHeidi/BMelissa): Same here.

And they bounced.

This is how most of Friday night went. No set plan just opening random sets. I really didn’t use any material. I just trying to get back into the flow. It was kind of nice. I approached 6 mix sets just making bar friends.

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