Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Imagination vs. Reality

This weekend I did not go out at all. I had to work and put proposals together. All in all not bad, but I am sure I miss some opportunities to approach.

Anyway, I received an email from “The One” saying that we’ll speak over drinks soon. While we have kept in touch it has been mostly business related, gossip about friends or politics, birthday and holiday greetings. Nothing else. When I got her email I assumed that she’s going to work on one of the presidentials, but my mind began to wander.

Is she moving back to DC? Is transferring schools? Did she quit school and is moving back? Etc… A thousand of hopeful questions and thoughts came to mind, yet none of them were based on any fact or reality. It was just a simple email message, I have no idea what she is going to tell me or talk to me about.

Carlos Xuma has a podcast about this exact same mindset or thinking where guys jump to a conclusion may not exist or take a little bit of information and run with it in our imagination where in reality the conclusion or facts are completely the opposite of what we are thinking.

Here what I take from this is that I allowed myself to ponder possibilities that may only be wishful thinking from a simple email. I am glad I caught it because it is one of those fantasies that would definitely drop me down a hole where I do not want to be.

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