Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Approaches 1 - 2

So my day started out as usual hitting the gym except for some reason I walked. I guess now that I have residential sticker there was no real reason to drive.

Anyway, I entered the gym just thinking about my workout. Smiling as usual and thinking about who could this girl (who just walked past me) be talking to at 5:30 am. I get dress and started to stretch. While stretching I starting talking to this girl next to me.

Sniper: Good morning.
Sniper: I have not notice you here before.
HBAsstManager: I just started working here, I'm the new Assistant Manger.
Sniper: Cool. Just don't charge me $20 to bring a guest.
HBAsstManager: {giggles} It's policy.
Sniper: I see how you are. I gotta get to my workout. See ya, around.
HBAsstManager: Have a good work out.
Sniper: Thanks.

Around 1:00 pm, I had discovered I had nothing in the refrigerator to make lunch so I headed out to Safeway. I was walking around not paying attention and turned the corner to walk down the aisle and nearly walked into this cart.

Sniper: Oh, excuse me.
BAussie: Oops, Sorry.
Sniper: He looks nothing like you.
BAussie: I'm his nanny.
Sniper: Are you Australian?
BAussie: How did you know?
Sniper: You sound like a friend of mine from Perth.
BAussie: (Fluff)
Sniper: (Fluff)... My friends and I have been checking out $4 Martini's at the Beacon.
BAussie: Sounds cheap.
Sniper: {smiles} That's why they are $4.
BAussie: {giggles}
Sniper: See ya.
BAussie: Have a good day.

Well, nothing to flashy today. I should have number close BAussie, it did not occur to me until I was in the checkout line

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