Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Starting Off the New Year

I hope everyone had fun and safe holiday season.

2006 was a great year for on several levels for me. I was able to save some money, started a company (made a nice little profit), met some great people, and dating a couple of great women. None which would not have been possible without discovering this community and starting my journey.

I have set-up a couple goals for next year: learning how to scuba dive, making a 1,000 approaches, learning a martial art, reading a book a week, saving a bunch of money, and taking acting classes. All which are possible with discipline. In 2006, I was focused on work and social skills which went well for me.

This year I'm looking to become I guess a more well rounded. I don't know, we'll see.


Lifestyle With BG said...

DOPE idea. I might steal this ;-)

Sniper said...

Go ahead. Modern Savage was doing a December Approach Blitz that's were I got the idea to track my approaches.

Matt said...

It's nice to see people focusing on the fundamentals of approaching. I've actually bumped up my goal to 1,000 as well. I think the key is to stay consistent with going out sarging. It gets too easy to procrastinate on this stuff. Lets try keep each other motivated on this thing.

I think Swift Spot is also tracking his 1,000 approaches as well.

Keep it up Sniper, I'll be reading your progress.