Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Got Cubed

On friday night, I headed to house party of a co-worker. It was blast. Lot's of drinks and lots of dancing. I even go two numbers. What was most interest was that my buddy girlfriend cubed me. Now, I have read the cube several times trying to memorize everything, but I have not run it on anyone.

Anyway, we got throught it and we are having fun. I asked her where she learned it. She told me a couple of weeks ago, she was in Adams Morgan with some friends and some guy was flirting with her and he asked if she has ever done the cube. She thought it was clever way to get girls to engage in conversation because it takes about 20 mins to do and then the conversations afterwards could last for awhile.

It was an interesting insight on what people like me are trying to do - approach, interact, and attract women. It is also kinda cool to know that their are guys out there actually running the cube in their routines.


Anonymous said...


Oh man, it's a small world. She probably got cubed by Ferarri in The Reef.


Anonymous said...


Actually, one time I was sitting in the train.. and at the opposite side of the isle was a guy with a girl.. and at the other 2 seats in front of him were 2 girls. The 2 'sets' (guy+girl(1) and 2 girls(2) did not know each other.

So at some point the guy starts talking to the girls and does all these routines that I know/have read/heard of. I bet he's on mASF or at least in the community.

Didn't feel like involving myself in the set though. It was like 3 in the morning.