Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Six Months

It's been six months since I started on this endeavor. It has been extremely hard and lately a lot of fun. Everyday has been a challenge, but it has become easier with a couple of changes. The number one change has been acting upon signals or just simply getting up and saying hi to someone. As simple as it seems, it is difficult when you have to rewire the way you think or that you have been taught.

Why did I start doing this?

Well, I was in a relationship that I hated nor wanted to be in, no matter what I did to make her leave she would not (the AFC at the time would not say, I don't think we should be together). At the same time, I was in another relationship that I thought was end all be all, but due to what I thought at the time was the correct way to behave, I only become what she did not want, another lap dog.

What have I learned over the past six months?
1. You must approach. Whether you are getting a signal or not.
2. Being rejected actually does not kill you.
3. You're friends can be your biggest obstacle, if you allow it.
4. While terrifying, this is also exhilarating. (Like a runner's high)
5. Clothes make a difference.
6. Women are just as petty as men, looks do matter; use yours to your advantage.
7. I can lose weight. All it took was going to the gym and eating right. (EVERYDAY)
8. I don't need a drink to talk to a woman.
9. I actually do have a quick wit.
10. Smiling and saying hello is a good opener.
11. I have to make the first move, if I don't want to end up being her friend.

As on reader said, I am no longer a AFC, so this mean I must change my name and title of the website. Any suggestions ???

Also, thank you, everyone who has been reading. Your comments have been helpful. I will continue to write and have fun.


the deal said...

Hey man, love your blog, congrats on the 6-month anniversary. I don't see how to e-mail can you e-mail me?

Style said...

Hey great job on your 6 months, it's good to see that the community has actually paid off for you. Hope you keep getting better. I was wondering, you want to link exchange? check out my blog. Just leave a comment on my blog if you do. later

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

Awesome job with the blog and your overall progress.

However, I 'd highly recommend that you change the title of your blog to something that doesn't have the word AFC or its meaning in it. The reason I am saying this is when you think of yourself/blog you 'd always think AFC which is totally subconscious but something that affects you at deeper levels.

Keep the title to something you will be when you end up being a pu guru like james bond, player, alfie, style, you get the idea...

Anonymous said...

You're still AFC, just a lot less so. Consider changing the name after another six months.