Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Are you gay?

Last Thursday, I was out at a friends' brithday party at Blue Gin. I ran into BRealestate who I met there about month before. We have exchanged for phone calls and email, but nothing really ever came out of it. So she is there with another guy, I walk over say hello. We exchange your typical, What have you been doing? Blah, blah, talk and get drag into other conversations with other people. Everyone is drinking and dancing, and she pulls me over to the side and says 'Let's have sometime next week.' I said Ok. And go back to what we were doing. I head to the bar to grab a drink and she comes up and we begin talking about the band at Madams Organ on Sundays then out of the blue she ask 'Are you guy?' I look at her like she was crazy then she apologized and started talking about the guy she was with how she did not like him. At this point, I started holding her hand. We continued to talked and kept pulling her closer so that we basically hugging. So around 12, I said I gotta jet, you should come along. She paused and I waited and she finally said, I can't tonight. So I gave her a kiss and said good night.

I have no clue if her question was a test or was geniune. I do believe that my prior interactions with her might have gotten her to the sexual state and I just missed the cue to just escalate. This was definitely a great lesson.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I'm quite a Dandy so, coming from a guy who is immediately suspect for being gay, I've learned to handle this one artfully. I guess I bring it on myself - I love clothes, house music, cooking, I take acting and yoga class, I wear as much jewelery as many girls...yada yada.

At any rate, it's not a bad all. As long as you are decidedly masculine, being somewhat dandyish/feminine actually makes women feel more comfortable with you.

Whenever I'm asked if I'm gay, I'll do a number of things.

1) She asks, "Are you gay?"

I say, "What? Gay, do you mean "Gay" like being really Happy?"
"Well, hell yes I'm gay! As a matter of fact, I think I'd be more sexually attracted to you if you'd get gay with me. Let's all get gay and happy together!!!"

This one needs to be done with a woman who has a sense of humor. I always do this really high-energy with a shit-eating grin on my face. If the chick is really alpha, I might even hump her leg a little bit.

This always redirects the situation and you can take the interaction wherever you want after this.

2) If the girly is a little more laidback, she'll say "Are you gay?!"

I respond, "Oh god, no. This always happens!"

"What always happens?", she says.

"This. Everytime I talk to a girl, she starts to feel really comfortable and just assumes I'm gay - then she starts telling me all her deepest darkest secrets. I'm not that easy, you know! She just comes running after me and doesn't know how to play hard-to-get. Some girls, I'll tell you what."

If you follow closely, the line of thinking doesn't make any logical sense at all. Doesn't matter, dudes. It's funny.


Sniper said...

Great comebacks!!! Thanks, man.