Tuesday, August 30, 2005

See what you made me do

I was walking to work from the gym as I do everyday sipping on water, trying not to sweat in the DC humidity. As I'm walking down the street, I'm looking at the various women passing by. As I'm taking a sip, I lock eyes with the woman ahead of me and of course the water misses my lips and gets all over me. I keep walking and as we pass I say 'see what you made me do' and she responds 'you need to pay attention to what you are doing' to which I reply 'it's kinda of hard when someone is staring at you like that'. 'You're imaging things. I was not staring at you.', she said smiling. Which I took as a good response and ask her for her email and said, 'I think you owe me lunch'. 'We'll see', she responded.

Anyway, we traded emails all day, but she flaked on me for lunch, but what I think the important thing is that I did not shriek away when I dump water all over myself. It's another small step.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, that's really alpha. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff, go for the cell phone

wu-wei said...

Superb! An AFC would have said "It's hard to concentrate when there's such a babe in front of me," or some such shit. And that's the kind of thing I USED to say. Shot!

Unknown said...

The art of verbal volleyball.
A charming trait in anyone.