Monday, August 29, 2005


I spent three days in Richmond a week and half ago. I was completely psyched to be out of DC and see what I have been learning would work outside of my home environment. The only problem was I was with my boss and and co-worker, two married guys. It is so much hard to pua with married guys around at least for me. I find that they don't give a shit and would rather drink all night. Our second night out after dinner, we went to nice little lounge and as usual the drinks were flowing and I was getting bored so I got up and went to the bathroom on my way back I went and sat down and introduce myself to this nice looking woman who turned out to be some type of IT person. I did not use any pua material at the time I was thinking this would be just a throwaway approach, but she was kind of interesting and we actually talked for hour nothing personal and not really fluff. I ended up getting her phone number and email.

What I learned from this is that sometimes you just have to let things flow. Having all this materials in my head is great, but sometimes it throws me off or make me anxious. It like it becomes about the material and not what I'm suppose to do. Like approach, have fun, get her interested, test her... Anyway, it something I was pondering. Overall, instead of just hanging with my boss and co-worker, I got off my ass and did something for me which turn out to be fun.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more; This is something I learned last weekend. Look at the big picture and stop focusing on the techniques. But most of all, have fun -> this cannot be emphasized enough, sometimes when I pu, I am not having as much fun, and it shows in the pu.

Style said...

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