Monday, August 29, 2005

What do you call this?

From some of the other blogs and sites that I read refer to Day 2, the second day you meet or sarge the same girl.

My situation seems to be different. I don't really have day 2s, I would call them the week afterwards. For example, I met HBBagels on a Monday morning at a breakfast shop, I got her number the following week, we went out the week afterwards, and now have this every Wednesday night date thing. I met HBArgentina one friday night, the next friday night I got her number, and on the following friday night, I made out with her, now we hang out on Sundays.

This seems to be some pattern that I have fallen into, I don't know if this comes from my interactions in approaches or closings. While I do get numbers and hook-up, the timeframes seem to off, I'm not complaining, I just find my experiences to be completely different from others that I have been reading.

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Anonymous said...

No, a day 2 usually is a 'date'.