Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Here's a list of rejections, I faced:

HBAsianChick: Can I have a smoke?
AFC: Only, if you tell me a joke.
HBAsianChick: (Pouts)
AFC: (Looks into her eyes)
HBAsianChick: (Walks away)


I see this girl everyday at Starbucks for the past four months. (EVERY DAY !!! Sometimes twice)

AFC: Hey, I don't mean to bother, but what's your name? I see you here everyday.
HBStudychick: I don't want to be bother. Please leave me alone.

Now, I make sure that I say hello to her everyday. Just for spite :)


On the metro:
Some girl in a yellow dress caught my eye so I smiled.

HBYellowDress: (Smiles back)
AFC: Hi. What's your name?
HBYellowDress: Umm...HBYellowDress.
AFC: I'm on my way to meet a friend for drink.
HBYellowDress: Oh, yeah. Where?
AFC: Zatinhya's. Wanna join us?
HBYellowDress: Yeah, right. I don't even know your name.
AFC: It's AFC. (Holds hand out for her to shake)
HBYellowDress: (Shakes it)
AFC: Now, we are friends. Friends always invite other friends out for a drink.
HBYellowDress: (Giggles) Give me your business card.
AFC: I don't give things out for free.
HBYellowDress: That's what I thought.
AFC: You have a dirty mind.
HBYellowDress: (Blushes)
AFC: This is my stop. How about you give me your phone number?
HBYellowDress: Umm....
AFC: Last chance. (As the metro door opens)
HBYellowDress: I don't know.
AFC: (Smiling) Alright, nice meeting you. Have a good night.

(Not a bad rejection)

Standing at the bar at Eyebar

AFC: Hi, What's your name?
SHBBoriqua: (Looks at AFC and walks away)
AFC: Awesome!


Outside bar, Tony & Joe's

AFC: Hi. What's your name?
SHBRedhair: Have you met my boyfriend? (Motioning at drunk guy sitting on stool next to her)
AFC: Not yet. (Extends hand to boyfriend/drunk guy) Hey, man. What's up? Did you catch the women's beach volleyball finals?
Boyfriend/Drunk guy: (Shakes AFC's hand) Fuck, yeah. Those girls were smoking. Blah, blah, blah ... about women volleyball players.
AFC to SHBRedhair: So what's your name?
SHBRedhair to Boyfriend/Drunk guy: (Angrily) Come on let's get out of here. (Grabs him and they leave)
AFC: (chuckles)

I acutally thought getting her boy/guy friend to talk about other women would work in my favor.


That's all I can think of right now. But the most frustrating rejections for me are when you made eye contact and a recieved a smile and you say 'Good Morning' or 'Hi' while passing someone on the sidewalk and don't get a response back. I just find those insulting.


Anonymous said...

Yeah man, the ones that totally ignore you are rude and anti-social.

I think HBYellowDress is in love with you now and regrets not giving her number. She'll probably remember you for years :D

Anonymous said...

you're creating and perpetuating a negative anchor by calling yourself AFC in your interactions - if you really want to kill the AFC stop calling yourself that.

also what's your strategy for running game - are you going direct ? or MM?
or some other style?

you're expressing interest straightaway - unless you have social proof or some unique DHV type delivery/routine that won't necessarily work as well.

Sniper said...

Hey Switch:

You're right about the AFC name. I have been playing with how to change it.

My strategy is all over the board. I think it's because I read too much pua material.

My basic strategy is to walk up and say 'Hi, what's your?' but with lots of excitement. Then with some type of opinion question. This seems to work pretty well.

I don't really have a middle game.

During the day, it's just usually 'Hi' then 'Get I get your opinion on something?' then I usually go for number close.

Those are my typical approaches. I'm still trying to develop my own style.

You're right. I need to slow down my interest part.

Thanks for the input.

Eek said...

Most of these were really good, except "Hi, I don't mean to bother" ... - qualifying, start off with negative words, etc.

Apart from that: Good work!