Tuesday, August 09, 2005


HBGymBlonde is this nice petite blonde girl with beautiful face and a kicking body. She has become my White Whale. I really did not notice her until about month ago, because we left the gym at the same time. She looks cute and sexy in her gym clothes, but smoking in her work clothes. On the following day, I smiled at her when we passed each other. She didn't smile back. This pattern followed for a week, not even smirk from her. The following week I started saying 'hello', 'hi', 'good morning', 'hey', and nothing from her. So I decide just to be pleasant to her every morning, a smile and a hello whenever or if we pass each other in the gym. So now, I'm in a test of wills. I will continue my pleasantness. I know it's borderline insanity now I'm on conquest just to get a hello from her. I know a lot folks will say not to put so much interest one girl and I agree with them, but this has really gotten to me.

The interesting thing is this little bit of morning AFC insanity does not effect me for the rest of the day, so at least that something to be thankful for.

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