Thursday, August 11, 2005

BWaitress (Shift in AFC Thinking)

Last night I went to a birthday of a friend. Most of the time when I am at a function, event, or birthday party I am content to spend time with friends and associates. Yes, I know this is a piss poor attitude, I never viewed these as opportunities for pua which is sad because this are perfect opportunities. This new train of thought did not hit me until I was talking to our waitress about the birthday cake. She responded 'it's only 9:30 and you already to leave'. I responded, 'oh, you just want to get me drunk so you can seduce me'. 'Now, why would I want to seduce you?', she said. 'Because I have muscles' while making fake flexes. She laughed and said, 'Yeah, you're a real He-Man'. 'Don't get mad because you can't get with this', I responded and turn my back. She gave me a playful slap on the shoulder and said giggling, 'You're too much. I'll be back with the birthday'. The cake comes out everyone sings, we have another round of drinks, and close the tab. As we leave, she does the usually waitress thing... thanks everyone and wishing everyone a goodnight. She says to me 'so mr. He-Man when are going to come back and see me'. I responded, 'As you give me your number'. She says smiling, 'Are you seriuos?'. I respond 'yep'. Looks at me for a second and says ok and pulls out her pen and writes it down. I say, 'ok' and give her only those friends peck on the cheek.

As I got on the metro, I thought to myself, how many times have I let opportunities like that pass me by. It was like my there was a shift in my thinking. It's like it's pua 24 but that's just impossible, but it's like there's tons of opportunities that I missed because I completely thinking in a different way.

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Anonymous said...

Hi man, why are you still going for only phone numbers? At least aim to get high attraction, rapport, kiss close, on the spot, rather than just a phone number where you didn't do anything except make her laugh or blush once or twice.