Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Drugs that you did not know you were on.

This is exploration into myself have led me to some interesting articles. I ran into a article about three natural accuring drugs that affect humans beings. They have some signficant effects on our behaviors as well.

1. Dopamine: makes everything addictive (illegal drugs, sex, candy, love)
- It turns you into an AFC once you've "found the one"; You are addicted to her so you will do anything to be with her even if you are not getting any.
- It makes getting over a failed relationship like getting off smack. It completely f***s you up.

2. Vasopressin: keeps you around
- It's good when you are married and have kids. It keeps you from walking away. It is also why you are willing to go to the mat with any jacka** that f***s with your family. It is also why you feel good when you are with your family.
- It also why an AFC won't leave a bad relationship.

3. Testosterone: makes you horny; gives you muscles
- This is why you pop a boner at any decent girl. (Or at least, you should be)
- This is why you are willing to take on the football team.
- It is also why some of us have become AFCs either through masturbation, diet, lack of exercise, alcohol, drugs, and/or smoking, we have depleted our supply of testosterone.

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