Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Finally over the two approach hump

While I have been developing and working my butt off with this, most nights on average I have been doing two approaches - the throwaway and then another. Usually, on the second approach, I actually get a bite and stay with it. Not bad to not cut a thing lose, especially since I don't get out until 10 or 11.

Friday, I actually made it out at 9, no pre-party. I actually stayed in one location for the whole night did seven approaches and got five numbers. What I think is more significant is that around 1 I had more attention that I would have I had I gone out at my usual time. With more attention, also meant I had to make a decision. I stuck out with BSouthCaroline, she was not a HB, but she a body and cuteness were just fine and plus she had been back and forth flirting and chatting with all night. Eventually, we went and got some kebobs and played a little kissy-kissy before I walked her home.

Not a bad night. I might skip the pre-party and head out earlier. We'll see.

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