Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lazy Man

On Thundercat's site, there is a post called 'A Lazy Man's Guide to Getting a Girlfriend', it pretty straight forward. It hit the nail on the head for me, because it stresses just approaching women that's it. It more of a inner self adaptable guide, basically telling you to stop reading and start doing. I will be the first to tell you, this is not easy because I'm trap in my mind and sometimes I just let go and let it be. But the number one thing is just doing it even if I screw it up. Like I have said before I say hello to people that I see everyday and never get a single response or smile, well you know what that's their problem.

Anyway, it's an interesting post. Take a look at it.


Cyrus said...

Just been reading your blog.. sounds like you're doing well. I'm curious, are you on the DC Seduction List? I lurk over there but don't post very often. The guy who runs it, Minger, is my roommate.

Sniper said...

Hey Cyrus:
I lurk over at DC seduction also. It seems like those guys are doing well. I have not gone to a lair meeting yet. I'm trying to get myself together first. Anyway, happy hunting.