Friday, August 05, 2005

AFC vs The Past

For three weeks now I have been helping an old crush (2yrs ago; HBAlmonds) out with work. We had drinks tonight.

Work talk.
More random talk.
HBAlmonds: So who are you dating now?
AFC: No one.
HBAlmonds: What do you mean "no one"? You use to date several girls at a time.
AFC: Now that bores me. I just need three.
HBAlmonds: What do you mean three?
AFC: Why do you care so much?
HBAlmonds: Well, my boyfriend I have been dating for four months.
AFC: Did I ask about your boyfriend?
HBAlmonds: Don't be a dick !
AFC: Can't help it. Give me your hands. (I hold my hands out; She grabs them)
AFC: Calm down just lay your palms down on top on mine. (I try to do the trust test, but completely fucked up the order; but her hands lay on my palms as I go left, right, up, down, and in some zig-zag)
HBAlmonds: What are you doing?
AFC: (Fuck, what do I say) Watching your breasts jiggle.
HBAlmonds: WHAT???!!! ASSHOLE !!!
AFC: Good. (Laughing)
HBAlmonds: You're a fucking dick!!!
AFC: (Smirks)
HBAlmonds: Why are you being this way? (Pouting) Don't be like this. (Still pouting)
AFC: (Can't think of a damn thing to say) (Smiles)
(random talk about her family)
AFC: (Being nice; talking about family stuff) So where's your boyfriend? (I know a dumb transition)
HBAlmonds: He's blah,blah,....
AFC: (Realizing what I have done) You know what I'm in the mood to dance.
HBAlmonds: Where?
AFC: (Fuck!!! Where?) Eyebar (Totally bullshitting)
HBAlmonds: Who are you meeting there?
AFC: I don't know her name yet. (wink)
HBAlmonds: Oh, this is going to fun. I want to see you pick up girls.
AFC: AWESOME !!! I'm glad you like girls also!!! I did not know this about you!!!
HBAlmonds: Pervert!!!

Some guy with headphones walks in while talking on the cellphone. It was weird scene.

HBAlmonds: I know that guy.
AFC: (Wave the waitress over)

HBAlmonds to HeadPhoneguy: Hey, where are your friends?
HeadPhoneguy: Coming in the door.

AFC: (Stands up introduces himself to HeadPhoneguy)

HeadPhoneguy: You guys leaving.
AFC: Whenever HBAlmonds pays the tab.

HeadPhoneguy whispers to HBAlmonds.

HBAlmonds pays the tab.

AFC leaves.

HBAlmonds follows.

HBAlmonds: I think I'm going to stay.
AFC: Cool.

AFC hails cab. HBAlmonds turns away. AFC grabs HBAlmonds hand. AFC and HBAlmonds get in the cab.

HBAlmonds: I'm not going home with you.
AFC: Then tell the cabbie where you live.
HBAlmonds tells the cabbie.

AFC kisses HBAlmonds.

HBAlmonds: You're such an asshole!!!

AFC kisses HBAlmonds again.

We make out until we make it to her place. I try to get out the cab with her and she pushes me back in and kisses me and says goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, awesome!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

AWEsome! Glad you had fun.

On another note, why label yourself "AFC"? Maybe it's time to give yourself a new label. Self-talk, you know.

Anonymous said...


Plus it gets confusing, haha.

Sniper said...

Self-Talk, not bad. I do talk to myself alot. I need to qucik that shit that's what fucks up my approaches.