Friday, July 29, 2005


First off, I apologize for not writing for a while, I have been busy trying to pay the bills.

So I have lost 20lbs, which means my beer bully is almost gone. It wasn't that tough considering that I workout everyday. I actually made changes in what I ate and the weight start to come off fast. The interesting thing is my clothes still fit but they are just a little to big, not baggy, but leaving enough room to realize that maybe I should drop one size.

So last week, I took up MB's advice and I bought shirts that were one size smaller. I never thought I would get the responses that I have. It is definitely a boost in confidence and makes it easier to approach once I noticed that woman has checked me out.

Last week, I stopped reading pua materials except for blogs and groups. I was getting so bogged down in all the books out there and trying to absorb everything I could. What I found out is that all the readings and exercises actually confused me and threw me off for a little bit. And I actually got ripped off by one, so over the next week I will be adding book reviews to this blog.

Anyway, my whole pre-party idea is starting to get out of hand simply because guys invite their guys friends because girls are going to be here. (Idiots !!!) I'll continue doing it until the end of summer then switch the venue to bar. I need to be out there practicing anyway with I don't know.

I read something last night about our minds, bodies, and reality. I think it was from alphalist or ideagasm, but it basically stated that our bodies doesn't know the difference between reality or fantasy and that our behavior can be accidentally modified. So if you rub one out to porn, your body does not know the difference so your satisfaction comes from porn and not real sex if you continue this instead of going out and meeting women your body will adapt to the satisfaction that it gets from you and porn not the actual biological behavior of mating. I'm not saying stop touching yourself, but to me whoever came up with this idea has hit on something.

So I turned it around on myself, if my actual AFCness is a product of my mind then reality must be completely different. So I spent a week just talking to people (most women) with real interest not trying to game them. What I found is that in that mindset, it was easier to talk. The only problem I see is that I run the risk of having many "friends" and not enough mates. But I think this intial step has activated or reactivated something in me, my next step should be to escalate to desire, interests, or etc...

It's been fun and interesting experimenting.


Anonymous said...

Awesome losing the 20lbs... I'm not sure how tall you are or your build, but 20lb is a huge change on most everyone.

Best of wishes to you, I found your blog not long ago and have enjoyed it.

Sniper said...

Thanks !!!
I'm 5'8 so going from 185 to 165 to my disbelief made a huge difference to the way I and others see myself.