Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cleveland in DC

Saturday, I decide I would have another pre-party. It is amazing what 2 hours, alcohol, and friends can do to my apartment. Anyway, we hit Panache and I flat out get shotdown twice in a row and these were my throwaways to be honest they have been deaf or socially inept, because they both just nodded and stuck their hands out but close to their bodies, it kinda freaked me out .

So I head to the bar to find my friends when I catch up with them someone hands me a drink as I turn I see this girl dancing very nice body cute face - BCleveland. As a take a sip of my drink, she glance over at me. I should have done the 3 second rule, but I wanted to make sure she was checking me out. She glances up at me again, she holds, I hold, I smile, she smiles, and I walk over and say Hey. We exchange your normal greeting bs. There's a momnet of silence, I take her hand and go off to the dance floor. (What I have I been missing for the past upteen years; why did I ever asked girls to dance if all it took was taking the hands and going to the dance floor) We dance for a while and go to the bar, a couple of her friends come over, she introduces them, and her friends leave us alone, we continue to chat. Somehow, I gotten into this habit of wrapping arm around chicks as if I was dating them, but I quite haven't gotten it to the point of making it sexual, still debating that in my head, anyway I got BCleveland in this half hug thing chatting about random things. Her friends return say something to her and leave again. We start to converse again and she breaks into her take my number down I gotta jet, I grab a pen and napkin take down her number. She gives me hug and a beck on the lips.

Not a bad interaction, but I'm not sure if she is going to flake. Our interaction was quick and almost effortless. It might be because I have been playing with Gunwith's Assume Rapport technique. I think it relaxes me more than anything that I have tried. I think the two girls early on could have shut me down, but some reason I decide the problem was them and let their rejection just hang in the air.


Anonymous said...

Great site. I sense you're feeling more at ease in the night game, so she'll probably not flake. When it works, it seems effortless.

Sniper said...

My night game is coming along, but it's tough. During the day I'm business causal so I think women are at more at ease, but at night everyone is the same - dressed to hookup so approaching at night at least for me is more intimidating.