Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Alcohol, Approaching, & Friends

I spent Thursday thru Monday partying my ass off which completely screwed up my game, but I'll let slip this time because I had a blast and hooked-up with three different women.

Here's a couple of things I learned this weekend:
1. Men must approach.
- Thursday, I made MB talk to a woman I was interested in because I was so freaking tried of him sitting around doing nothing. She was cute, I held the conversation well, got her laughing and touching me, but she was into in MB even though he was being his aloof self.
- Friday, I approached BNatalie, who was dancing in front of MB and he was not going to talk to her or dance with her. I introduce myself, she did the same. I grab her hand and started dancing with her. At first, I thought it was going to be one of those dance for long time and bail deals, but we dance for a while, hit the bar for drinks, talked for a while, hit pizza mart and then her place, no sex, but nice hot make out session.
- Saturday, MB, DW, and I checked out a new club. I knew the bartender from the gym so she hooked us with drinks. I head off to the bathroom, when I returned MB and DW were talking to two chicks at first I was relieved and then panic hit... what to do. I wasn't going to go and stand by them so I went to the other end of the bar and made my way to the middle and just introduce myself to the girl (chubby but cute, Fran) standing ordering a drinks, I went on about how I love the 4th of July in DC, she actually came around and began to talk then her boyfriend walks up, she introduces us and I go into some spill about the Nats and his guard goes down, Fran introduces me to her girlfriend BKaty who automatically goes into DC talk, who are you, what do you do, blah, blah, blah, to all my replies were smartass lies - I'm Fran's ex, I sell fiber optic cable - all which messes her up when she tries to talk her job on the hill, because I'm asking her questions about policy and legislation and now she can't tell if I messing with her or not so which makes her drop her DC talk and she actually becomes friendly eventually when ended up dancing and exchanging numbers.

2. Leave your friends even if you are out with them.
Sunday, I had a birthday party to go. We ate and drank and then went to the Georgetown waterfront. I was with two married guys and two single guys. So we all know what's going on. The married guys want to get drunk, stare at chicks, and then push the single guys to go talk them. The singles guys want to drink and try to pick up chicks so after an hour of drinking and bsing. I left them at the bar wander around for a bit. I approach a cute blonde (HBStacy) sitting alone, we chatted for a ten minutes and it was going no where so I ejected. I approach two girls sitting at the bar, they were from Kansas, I actually held the convo for a good 20 minutes but couldn't make a bridge to escalate it, my friends eventually wander over and stood around and the convo died.

3. Alcohol kills my game
After four drinks, I don't want pua anymore. That freaking AFC voice clogs my mind and completely mess with me if I'm already on or in the convo then I'm fine, but if I had not made any approaches then I'm completely off.

So what I have learned is this no matter how attractive a woman finds you, if you don't approach her, you will lose. No matter how much you like your friends that can be a hindrance to you if they are not out to pua. Approach before drinking, it's doing approaches that gets you in the mindset, not the alcohol.


TerreLite said...

Hey, hi

this is my first time on your blog, I see it's specificly about... well about what it is about...

Since I don't go out that often, especially to clubs or bars, I can't tell...

I think if the guys around me have that mentality of getting some ass, I'll be more than glad to approach for whatever excuse women.

I like this... I ain't sure if I can relate to alcohol hurting the "game", since I don't get drunk very often...

I wonder right now what it'd be like to go out with single guys to approach women and have a good time. Getting numbers is probably an ego boost and also a MYSTERY since they could respond or save me some time

Well, you can check out my blog too, and it's not about that thing only, I put other stuff in there too. Love your approach about "Killing the WUSS in Me", love love it...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like your blog. Right on, man.

As for me, I'm probably a bad one to talk to on this subject.

But I like to drink first and approach later... hey, it's a bar, I'm thirsty, the girls can wait.