Thursday, June 30, 2005

Get out of my head !!!

This week has been hard at work so I have been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting, etc... This afternoon on my way back to the office from lunch, I saw nice looking lady with that kind of "I'm a Bitch" look which exactly popped in my head - "I bet you she's bitch". As I continue to walk, I said to myself, "Wait a minute, You don't know who this woman is. What is wrong with you?"

So I turned myself around and walked up to her and introduced myself and she introduced herself (BRachel). She looked at me like she was expecting me to try to sell her something or ask for money. I said, "Oh, all really needed was your name". She said, "why?" to which I responded, "I thought you might make a good friend." She took a big sigh and smile and out of the blue just started blabbing about her week as we walked. After about a minute, I told I had to get back to my office, we exchanged cards and cell numbers and parted.

What amazes me is not the interaction, but the AFC voice that pre-determined what type of person BRachel was. Granted, if this was night time, I would have not attempted to talk to her, because she gave off negative body language. After talking to for a few minutes, she actually isn't a bitch, rather nice and genuine, but I wonder if the 'you might make a good friend' line might made her drop her bitch shield and maybe she really is bitch (hahaha).

Anyway, what I have learned is that the AFC voice is still in my head. It has been gone for a couple of weeks. I think because I have been having some tough days at work, it has slipped back in. I'm kinda of proud that I recognize what was going on and I basically challenged it back approaching BRachel.


Lifestyle With BG said...


So your standard 'opener' is simply walking up and saying "Hi, I'm -name-" ??

Anonymous said...

The DJ Bootcamp from sosuave is stupid. Much of the bootcamp is about de-shying yourself, even the parts where they ask you to get numbers. Phone numbers are SHIT. They don't mean a thing.

DJ Bootcamp doesn't tell you what you need for success. It doesn't say how to get DDB look from women. It doesn't tell you what's missing from their approach 50 women a day method.

Go to
Read all the newsletters. It's the only thing you need. It opens your eyes.

TerreLite said...


Hey that open may work for opening :-) really

Yea the DJ Bootcamp... yea the de-shying part is goodie. I tried it like 3 times and couldn't do week 3.

Maybe I'll try it one more time, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

That's a good idea... approaching 50 women a day... but I'd do it with the idea of fun in the first place... like 'let's go play the approach women game' or something... I'm looking for new hobbies ya know...

I just noticed on BG and you (and my own experience), that we approach women at our work, and our jobs happen to be mostly not suited for doing that kind of thing.

Maybe those 2 things should have it's separate space, just maybe...

I'm a go-for-it about practicing your sense of humor and stuff... not sure about putting those kind of thoughts at work.