Monday, June 27, 2005

Winging for my Friends

I found there is a huge difference in approaches I do with women that I have given me some sign of interest (smile, hello, glance) than just picking a target and approaching. I had more success during the day than at night, I think because while the whole time I was with my friends during the day I was able to actually escape from them time after time whether we were sightseeing or shopping. I actually found Friday and Saturday to be pretty boring. I really wasn't in the mood to stand around and drink, but what could I do had two sets of friends in from out of town.

Friday night, I was able to at least get some practice with mix sets. We were at 1223 and one of my buddies spotted a blonde girl, he wanted to talk. As he checked her out, he whined that she was with two other guys and one was probably her boyfriend. I asked if she was holding either one of their hands or kissing on one or the other. He said no. I told him to go talk to her. He whined some more so I told him I would try to help him.

I have to say that I felt more scared to approached a mix set than groups of women. Anyway, I go and approach both guys with, "wow, did you see that girl in turquoise". They responded and we chat for a good while about the club and girls. The blonde is on the outs of the convo and heads to the bar. Perfect, I thought, she alone, I'm holding the convo for 10 minutes and my buddy does nothing so I ejected myself with "nice meeting you guys and have fun" and heading back to my group of friends. I was kinda pissed so I said, "Why didn't you talk to the girl? She was alone for 10 minutes." He respond with a "I don't know." ARGHH!!!! I can't complain too much because I have been there and I got a chance to practice.

On Saturday, MB caught up with me and my friends from out of town. MB finally spots a girl that has no body fat that he wants to talk to, but she with someone and whines about it. So I ask does it look like she's about to jump the bones. MB says he doesn't know. So I walk up to the guy and say "Hey Man, What's ups?" He starts talking about some girls at the bar so I say let's go we head to the bar the girl is kinda following us and MB swings in and introduce himself to her. So me and my new buddy are at the bar, I introduce myself to the girls, one of them ask me for a cigarette, I said only for a joke, and we get into some routine with her begging for a cigarette and then getting mad, she tells me a lame ass joke to which I responded that's not good enough now you have to tell me how cute I am. Her friends were laughing even my new buddy. So she goes into this 30 second riff about how cute I am and so I give her a cigarette. Now, we all get into random convos, I get BCigarette number and go off looking for MB. He's talking two girls so I look for my other friends.

I find my friends and they are standing at the bar drinking and know I hyped and wanted to go talked to some more women, but they are not having it. MB finds me and says BNobodyfat can't dance and he was embarrass to be seen dancing with her which had me dying.

What I learned is that if you gage the situation right the woman who are with a guy or guys is usually a friend. I remember going out with my woman friends or women that I was lusting after plenty of times. It is interesting how all this puaing or attempts of puaing is changing my behavior and observations not only into myself but how I look out upon the everyone else.

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