Thursday, June 02, 2005

Learning Groups

While on Friday night, I think I held my own in single approaches, I think I might have been a little more successful if I had gauged the situations. Basically, on Friday, I was picking women you I thought were alone, but it's a Friday night 98% of the women out, are with friends.

Anyway, Saturday, I was a little bit more observant than Friday. I had no problem approaching. I actually felt it was easier to approach two or more women as group than one. I don't why. I did not feel as anxious. The approaches were fine, the conversations were fine, but I did not close at all. I think I was so happy that I was engage in conversations with mutiple women that I basically forgot to isolate a target.

While Saturday was not a great closing night, I learn a lot about what works and what does not in group approaches, maybe this week I can workout the kinks.


Anonymous said...

Groups are WAY easier to approach.

It's an AFC-illusion that they're hard to approach.

It's a bit harder to close your target though.. You'll need a wingman to be able to isolate well.

Sniper said...

You're right. I ran into the same problem this weekend of isolating my target, but at least this time I had isolating in my mind.